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EHF European League

Lucky GOG make a huge step towards the Last 16

EHF / Björn Pazen

After their fifth victory in their eighth group match, GOG are only one point shy from the qualification for the Last 16 - and they can it already tomorrow in the re-match, again at Ljubljana. After Trimo Trebnje had started strong on Tuesday, the Danish side turned the tide thanks to top scorer Emil Jakobsen and goalkeeper Victor Hallgrimson. 

With now ten points on their account, GOG only need one more point to clinch the berth for the knock-out stage, while Trimo now need to win all three remaining matches to remain in the race. 

GOG (DEN) vs. RK Trimo Trebnje (SLO) 32:31 (17:16, in Ljubljana)

  • Trimo were ahead 9:5 after minute 15, before GOG managed to improve and levelled the result at 15:15 for the first time and took their first lead at 17:16 right before the halftime buzzer. 
  • Both goalkeepers - Aleksandar Tomic (Trebnje) and Victor Hallgrimsson (GOG) - had exactly the number of eight saves at halftime - then the Icelander became another key for success for the Danish side, saving an overall of 14 shots. 
  • When GOG pulled ahead from 17:18 with a 7:2 run to 24:20, the deal seemed to be sealed. 
  • But Trimo returned, levelled the result at 30:30 and even led 31:30, before Simon Pytlick and Anders Zachariassen scored the last two goals.  

Magic Emil again is GOG’s hero 

World Champion Emil Jakobsen remains on a high-flyer: Less than four weeks after his major international title with Denmark, the 23-year-old left wing again was top scorer for GOG. Scoring nine times from 12 attempts against Trebnje, he has 84 season goals already (including qualification), after last week's 12 strikes in Bitola. He had seven already at half-time.

In the first half, when we were leading by four goals, we made some mistakes and GOG took the chance and they scored for a lead. I would like to congratulate my team on their character. In the end we came closer, but as we are a team with a little less experience, we made two mistakes in the last minutes and that was enough for the opposing team to win today, so congratulations.
Uros Zorman
Head Coach, Trimo Trebnje

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