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Nimes get victory against Dinamo Bucuresti

EHF / Tiago Nogueira

USAM Nimes made a great game and beat Dinamo Bucuresti (32:29). The French team managed to put the difference on the scoreboard in the last 15 minutes of the match and achieved the fifth victory in Group B of the EHF European League.

In a goal-fest, it’s important to emphasize that very inspired exhibitions of Acquevillo and Hisham Sanad (seven goals) are largely at the origin of another triumph of USAM Nimes in Group B.

USAM Nimes (FRA) vs Dinamo Bucuresti (ROU) 32:29 (15:14)

• USAM Nimes achieved the fifth win in Group B and provisionally accessed the leadership
• Remi Desbonnet (Nimes) collected eleven saves during the game
• Acquevillo and Hisham Sanad scored seven goals for Nimes, Diogo Hebo scored seven for Dinamo
• In a great offensive show, 61 goals were scored

In Nimes, the French team had the last word

After such a balanced start with 15:14 at halftime, it was already foreseen what was to come. Magic and emotion until the end. However, Remi Desbonnet (with 11 saves) closed the marker and the French team duo Acquevillo and Hisham Sanad had the last word in Nimes.

We rushed at a few moments which slightly complicates the meeting. We have to be more serene at times, which would have allowed us to arrive at half-time with a greater advantage. Despite everything we do not panic when they pass in front and we come back little by little by putting more intensity and depth. It paid off, it's a great victory and we are delighted. The qualification is acquired and that's what we wanted tonight
Franck Maurice
Head Coach, USAM Nimes

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