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EHF European League

GOG breaks Portuguese invincibility

EHF / Tiago Nogueira

The Danish side entered the match with great intensity and effectiveness, immediately digging a big advantage in the match. With some defensive consistency and counterattacks, GOG created a big difference.

With the precious help of goalkeeper Bergerud (13 saves) and the left wing Jerry Tollbring on fire, the victory fell to the visiting team and in this way broke the invincibility of SL Benfica in the EHF European League.


SL Benfica (POR) vs GOG (DEN) 25:33 (10:17)
• GOG started incredibly strong, pulling ahead to 9:4 inside the first 12 minutes
• the Danish team never been trailed during the 60 minutes and now have the same points with SL Benfica in Group D
• Bergerud was inspired and collected 13 saves during the game
• left wing Jerry Tollbring scored 11 goals for GOG
• Petar Djordjic scored six times for SL Benfica

Jerry Tollbring – “Why always me?”

The Swedish left wing was absolutely decisive for his team winning every point in this competition. And today the story hasn’t changed. With 11 goals and huge offensive imbalances, Jerry Tollbring catapulted his team to their third victory in Group D. In total, he already has 33 goals scored in four games.

“I don’t think we made a bad game. We miss a lot of good chances to score, and their goalkeeper did a great job also. But against a team with such quality as GOG, if you miss so many easy goals, you will suffer and lose the game
Chema Rodriguez
Head Coach, SL Benfica

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