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GOG qualify for the Last 16, eliminating Chekhov in the process

EHF / Kevin Domas

This game in Denmark was do-or-die for Russian side Chekhov. Anything but a win would mean elimination for last season’s Last 16 participants.

And despite displaying some brilliant handball, especially in the first half, Chekhov were not able to stop GOG’s offensive power. Sure, the result was not as tough as the first confrontation between the two sides this season, when GOG won 39:32 in Russia, but the outcome was the same.

If Chekhov had the nerves to make a sensation, Torbjorn Bergerud and Emil Madsen saved the day for the hosts in the last few minutes.


GOG (DEN) vs Chekhovskie Medvedi (RUS) 27:26 (15:14) 

  • Chekhov’s defence kept GOG silent for eleven minutes, scoring seven straight goals in the meantime to take an early three-goal lead (9:6)
  • thanks to Simon Pytlick and Emil Andersen, scoring a combined eleven, the Danish side turned things around to be ahead by one at the break
  • the hosts retained the momentum after half-time, making their advantage grow up to five goals with fifteen minutes to play
  • scoring another 5:0 series, the visitors made the score even with a few minutes left to play, before goalkeeper Torbjorn Bergerud saved the day for GOG
  • thanks to this win, GOG have now booked their ticket for the Last 16, while Chekhov have no chance left to join them in the next phase

GOG make it to the Last 16, again

Tonight’s GOG win did not only mean that Chekhov would not see the Last 16, but also that the Danish side will make it out of the group phase for the second straight season. Having lost only one game in the European League group phase so far, it is only logical that last season’s quarter-finalists will rub shoulders with the best teams in the competition again this season.

As expected it wasn't a very pretty match. I think that we respond well in the defense in the second half, and our keeper, Torbjoern Bergerud, is doing very well. But our offense lacks the quality we expected and we have to be happy about the two points.
Nicolej Krickau
Head Coach, GOG

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