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EHF European League

Sävehof fight hard for victory over La Rioja

EHF / Danijela Vekić

After the first 30 minutes, it seemed to be another easy win for Sävehof. However, La Rioja didn't give up and after trailing by seven managed to turned things around and set 22:21 in the 45th minute.

It was a close game until the end but in a nail-biting finish Sävehof 's Elias Ellefsen a Skipagotu netted for the win. 

Group C

BM Logroño La Rioja (ESP) vs IK Sävehof (SWE) 29:30 (12:16 ) 

  • the Swedish team led from the beginning, however the hosts improved and worked their way back into the match
  • La Rioja's biggest trail was by seven goals mid first half. They closed the gap by half-time inspired by Aliaksandr Markelau's saves
  • with three consecutive goals at the start of the second half, La Rioja came back into the game, which forced Sävehof to start playing more aggressively
  • the visitors were unable to claw back the lead as they lacked attacking efficiency. With strong support from the stands and secure hand of Angel Jesus Rivero Noris, La Rioja equalized and later took 22:21 lead though
  • in nail-biting finish, Sävehof grabbed victory when Elias Ellefsen a Skipagotu found the net 

Spanish persistence

Not many teams can comeback after trailing by seven goals, but la Rioja showed Spanish passion and persistence.

They gave their maximum and pushed each other beyond their limits. It was a real team effort that resulted in a close game in which they almost performed a miracle. Their fans did not leave disappointed tonight.

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This was absolutely fantastic! The guys showed a lot of character in a difficult situation, and how we acted during the decisive moments of the game is something I’m very proud of.
Michael Apelgren
Sävehof head coach

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