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EHF European Cup

Afturelding eliminates last year's runners-up, Nærbø IL in round 2 shocker

Filip Mishov
EHF / Filip Mishov

Last season's runners-up, Nærbø IL are out of Europe's third-tier club competition after Afturelding successfully mounted a comeback on home court to nullify the five-goal lead earned by the Norwegian club in the first leg. Þorsteinn Leó Gunnarsson was the hero for the Icelanders as the left back scored 11 goals including the final one of the match, to secure the hosts a place in round 3 on overall score (51:50).

HC Fivers WAT Margareten and HCB Karviná played an extremely dramatic match with the winner of the tie being decided only after a penalty shoot-out in Austria. The hosts were on a mission to make amends in front of thier fans for the six-goal defeat in the first leg and they fought until the final whistle. However, the visitors from the Czech Republic held their nerves and were perfect from the penalty line compared to the hosts' two out of four penalties. HCB Karviná celebrated a win (64:62) and progress to round 3.

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