Summary: Barça triumph in pulsating MOTW highlights entertaining round

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Round 9 of the Machineseeker EHF Champions League 2023/24 this week was highlighted by a thrilling MOTW in group B where Barça defeated Telekom Veszprém HC by a single goal (31:30), while THW Kiel remained top of group A with another win over Paris Saint-Germain Handball (26:24).

20231130 CLM R9 Live Blog Quote Magdeburg
I am very happy to have won against such a talented team and such a coaching legend. We are delighted to have picked up two more points in the group after a tough game.
Bennet Wiegert
Head coach, SC Magdeburg
20231130 CLM R9 Live Blog Quote Kiel
It was a great, great Champions League evening in a great atmosphere. We had a strong mentality and stood together as a team. Everyone fought for everyone else and that's why we won. Now I'm just happy.
Samir Bellahcene
Goalkeeper, THW Kiel
20231130 CLM R9 Live Blog Quote Veszprém
We hoped for a better ending. Unfortunately, Gonzalo made a lot of saves in the end, maybe three in row in the clutch time, two against me... We fought like crazy, the arena was amazing. They have been better during the last five, six, seven, eight minutes, so congrats to them. We expected better today, but it didn't happen. But it's OK, it's not the end of the season.
Nedim Remili
Right back, Telekom Veszprém HC
20231130 CLM R9 Live Blog Quote Barça
Today was a game with two of the best teams of the world. It was an amazing match in an incredible atmosphere. We had a lot more intensity in defence, the goalkeeper was amazing, and in attack we played well, we didn't make a lot of faults.
Melvyn Richardson
Right back, Barça
20231130 CLM R9 Live Blog Text 1
20231129 GOG Quote
It is always easy to win a handball match when you have a good defence and a goalkeeper. We are satisfied with the match.
Kasper Jørgensen
Head coach, GOG
20231129 Resende Quote
If we could erase the first half I would be happy. Their goalkeeper today was amazing. It was harder to come back, but I think it was a good response in the second half.
Carlos Resende
Head coach, FC Porto
20231129 Bjornsen Quote
We knew it would be tough, Kolstad has played a lot of good games recently against some of the best teams in Europe. We started very well, and just continued, so, really happy.
Kristian Bjørnsen
Right wing, Aalborg Håndbold
20231129 Srna Quote
We were ready for everything they had in the tank, and it's a pity we failed to open the gap earlier. In the end it was a five-goal difference but these two points are what matters the most.
Zvonimir Srna
Left back, HC Zagreb
20231129 Sabate Quote
We knew it will be difficult but we played a really good match. Mirko (Alilovic) also had some big saves in the end for us. This is a huge win for us, we are alive. We will fight now to get out of the group stage, to get sixth place.
Xavier Sabate
Head coach, Orlen Wisla Plock

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