SUMMARY: Plock stun Veszprém; Magdeburg win last MOTW in 2023

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The last round of the Machineseeker EHF Champions League in 2023 featured three matches on Wednesday and five on Thursday, including the MOTW in which titleholders SC Magdeburg beat FC Porto 40:31.

20231207 CLM R10 Live Blog Quote Plock
We fought for 60 minutes and fully deserved to win. We played probably our best match in the the EHF Champions League. We are very happy with our scoring. Now it's time to celebrate, because when you win against a team like Veszprém, you deserve to have some fun.
Dawid Dawydzik
Line player, Orlen Wisla Plock
20231207 CLM R10 Live Blog Quote Magdeburg
We are really proud to win against Porto in Porto. It's not too easy – it looks like it's easy, maybe, but it isn't. It's a difficult, tough game tonight. We are really proud to win two important points for our big goal – to fight for the first and second places in our group.
Bennet Wiegert
Head coach, SC Magdeburg
20231207 CLM R10 Live Blog Quote Porto
Magdeburg really played quite well ... Unfortunately, we couldn't defend so well. They have a very good one-against-one. We tried to help each other but in the end it was not the defence that we wanted in any case. Every mistake we did in attack, they punished us with fast breaks.
Carlos Resende
Head coach, FC Porto
20231206 Montpellier GOG Quote
I’m very satisfied with both the result and the attitude of the players tonight. The performance in one match does not necessarily reflect the true value of the two teams. It’s particularly satisfying to see your desire to be ambitious, and we are becoming more and more sure of our strength, particularly at home.
Patrice Canayer
Head coach, Montpellier HB
20231206 Kiel Kolstad 6
That was a real Champions League match at the highest level. Two strong defences pushed the attack to the edge. There was a lot of fight in this game, a lot of adrenaline. I'm proud of my guys for staying calm.
Filip Jicha
Head coach, THW Kiel
20231206 Szeged Kielce 6
At half-time, I jokingly told Andreas Wolff that he could stop saving the penalties, but he didn't stop. It was a real team success for us; we achieved it together. We knew that we really needed these extra points to progress from the group. Against such an opponent, we could only achieve this with extra performance.
Roland Mikler
Goalkeeper, OTP Bank-PICK Szeged
20231206 CLM R10 Preview Quote Montpellier
In their national championship, GOG are having difficulties. But they are having good results in Europe. Our aim is to finish ahead of them in this group. This is our last match of the year in the Champions League, at home. If we consider ourselves ambitious, we must beat them. If we win today, we will have taken a big step towards qualification.
Patrice Canayer
Head coach, Montpellier HB

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