Danish delight as Odense and Esbjerg seal quarter-final spots

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EHF / Adrian Costeiu

There was plenty of drama in the last day of the group phase in the EHF Champions League Women as the last quarter-final and play-off berths were decided, with two Danish-Romanian battles setting up the final standings.

20240218 Odense CSM Gjekstad Quote
It's always difficult to meet CSM Bucuresti. But it is important to qualify for the quarter-finals. It gives us some space. My girls fought really hard and although we were under pressure we managed to stay focused.
Ole Gustav Gjekstad
Head coach, Odense Håndbold
20240218 Odense CSM Vasile Quote
We started really well but after that we lacked concentration, and Odense was really on fire with everything and in the goal they were strong and then it is really difficult to come back.
Adrian Vasile
Head coach, CSM Bucuresti
20240218 Savehof DSVC Stankiewicz Quote
We had problems in the defence today and couldn’t stop them, allowing them to score 36 goals in total. That’s too many if you are to win a handball game. Playing in the Champions League this season has been fun and tough, but also such a good experience for us. We’re a very young team and now we have so many more experiences compared to the beginning of the season.
Thea Stankiewicz
Centre back, IK Sävehof
20240218 Savehof DSVC Haggerty Quote
This was a special game for me to be back in Partille Arena. Previously playing for Sävehof, this definitely felt like coming home. Regarding the game, it went well when we had a stable defence and could run on counter attacks. We also had some problems with their goalkeeper in the beginning, but later on in the match we found a solution to that.
Tamara Haggerty
Line player, DVSC Schaeffler
20240218 Rapid Esbjerg Jensen Quote
I'm very, very proud of the team and the effort we've made throughout the entire group phase. We knew that this was absolutely the toughest group. With seven strong teams, we knew that one had to come seventh, and that was unfortunately for Rapid this year. When you see that Rapid is number seven in the group, it shows greatness.
Jesper Jensen
Head coach, Team Esbjerg
20240218 Rapid Esbjerg Gonzalez Quote
We missed a lot of shots for six metres, we didn't find ourselves. We had a lot of problems with the one against one. We need to keep fighting, keep going. We need to learn from this game because we have so many chances in front of us and I just hope we will learn for the future and we will come back stronger.
Lara González
Left back, CS Rapid Bucuresti

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