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Official statement on the match Denmark vs Sweden

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The European Handball Federation issues the following statement after the main round match Denmark vs Sweden at the Men’s EHF EURO 2024 on Friday.

At minute 59:33 of the match the referees signalled ‘passive play’. Very soon afterwards, a foul was committed by the Swedish defense, and with two passes left for the Danish attack a free throw was given to Denmark.

Denmark’s Magnus Landin subsequently scored a goal, however, the referees decided to consult the video replay to check whether too many passes were used prior to the goal. The time stood at 59:57 when the game was stopped.

As using too many passes is considered a technical mistake, the use of the video replay was correct as the scene was a game-changing situation in the last 30 seconds.

After having analysed the video replay, the referees concluded that too many passes were used, and they subsequently disallowed the Danish goal.

The referees together with the delegates then decided to correct the time and restart the match at 59:43, the moment the last pass in the Danish attack was made.

The European Handball Federation would like to state that this was a technical mistake, as according to the International Handball Federation’s Rules of the Game, the timing can only be corrected if there is a mistake made by the timekeeper or a malfunction of the public clock.

After the decision to disallow the Danish goal, it would have been correct to continue the match with a free throw for Sweden at 59:57, the moment the match was stopped.

The European Handball Federation has not received a protest following the end of the match. Therefore, no further action is taken.

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