What teams need to do in the last round of the group phase

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It is make or break in the Machineseeker EHF Champions League group phase! The last round will be played this week and the final standings confirmed on Thursday.

The top two teams from both groups advance directly to the quarter-finals in May; the teams ranked third to sixth go to the play-offs in March; the teams ranked seventh and eighth have their European season come to an end.

The overview below lists all possible scenarios for the outcome of round 14: Which result does each team need to finish on which position in their group? A reminder, the away-goal rule in the direct comparison between teams no longer applies to this competition.



Paris Saint-Germain Handball through to quarter-finals; SC Magdeburg, Telekom Veszprém through to either quarter-finals or play-offs; GOG, CS Dinamo Bucuresti through to play-offs; either HC PPD Zagreb or Orlen Wisla Plock through to play-offs; FC Porto out

PSG finish first.

Magdeburg finish second and Veszprém finish third if:
- Magdeburg beat Dinamo;
- OR Magdeburg draw with Dinamo AND Veszprém do not beat PSG;
- OR Magdeburg lose against Dinamo AND Veszprém lose against PSG.

Veszprém finish second and Magdeburg finish third if:
- Veszprém beat PSG AND Magdeburg do not beat Dinamo;
- OR Veszprém draw with PSG AND Magdeburg lose against Dinamo.

Dinamo finish fourth and GOG finish fifth if:
- Dinamo beat Magdeburg;
- OR Dinamo draw with Magdeburg AND GOG do not beat Zagreb;
- OR Dinamo lose against Magdeburg AND GOG lose against Zagreb.

GOG finish fourth and Dinamo finish fifth if:
- GOG beat Zagreb AND Dinamo do not beat Magdeburg;
- OR GOG draw with Zagreb AND Dinamo lose against Magdeburg.

Zagreb finish sixth and Plock finish seventh if:
- Zagreb do not lose against GOG;
- OR Zagreb lose against GOG AND Plock do not beat Porto.

Plock finish sixth and Zagreb finish seventh if Plock beat Porto AND Zagreb lose against GOG.



Barça, Industria Kielce through to quarter-finals; HBC Nantes, THW Kiel, Aalborg Håndbold, OTP Bank – Pick Szeged through to play-offs; RK Celje Pivovarna Laško, Elverum Handball out

Barça finish first.

Kielce finish second.

Nantes finish third and Kiel finish fourth if:
- Nantes beat Szeged;
- OR Nantes draw with Szeged AND Kiel do not beat Elverum;
- OR Nantes lose against Szeged AND Kiel lose against Elverum.

Kiel finish third and Nantes finish fourth if:
- Kiel beat Elverum AND Nantes do not beat Szeged;
- OR Kiel draw with Elverum AND Nantes lose against Szeged.

Aalborg finish fifth and Szeged finish sixth if:
- Aalborg do not lose against Celje;
- OR Aalborg lose against Celje AND Szeged do not beat Nantes.

Szeged finish fifth and Aalborg finish sixth if Szeged beat Nantes AND Aalborg lose against Celje.


Picture Nikola Portner courtesy of ERPOPRESS Presse & Sportfotografie Eroll Popova

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