Magdeburg consolidate third place with win against Porto

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SC Magdeburg added to their points tally in round 7 of the Machineseeker EHF Champions League with a dominant 41:36 win against FC Porto on Thursday. Between a team that had seven points after six rounds, and one that was still looking for its first points, the game did not look like an even one before throw-off in the GETEC Arena.

Although Porto displayed some fierce resistance, as they have done a few times this season, the Portuguese side was not able to match their opponents’ technical skills.


SC Magdeburg (GER) vs FC Porto (POR) 41:36 (22:17)

  • Magdeburg clearly dominated the first half, taking almost immediately a five-goal advantage and increasing to eight in the 17th minute
  • the German side made the most of their opponents’ errors to score easy goals on fastbreaks, with Matthias Musche and Ómar Ingi Magnusson both netting seven times in the first 30 minutes
  • using their trademark seven-against-six tactics, Porto made a comeback after the break, with Ignacio Plaza Jimenez and Victor Iturriza bringing back their team within four shortly after coming back on the court
  • Magdeburg wrote history by scoring 41 goals, setting a new record for the most goals they have scored in Champions League history
  • two players netted 10 times for SCM: Musche and Magnusson


Magdeburg did it all in 15 minutes

After 16 minutes played, Magdeburg were already six goals ahead and almost had the two points in their hands. And the German side did not even have to force their talent, as their players just made the most of their opponents’ mistakes.

Turnovers, shots outside of the goal, the hosts just converted their fastbreak opportunities to increase their lead. Even though Porto reacted after the break, it was already too late.

Against a very strong opponent we conceded too many goals and too many counterattacks. We made too many mistakes that Magdeburg quickly punished.
Magnus Andersson
Coach, FC Porto

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