Scandinavian teams on fire ahead of quarter-finals

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12 matches remain in the second season of the EHF European League Women, when we learn who will succeed the eliminated defending champions Nantes.

Teams from five different nations form the field of quarter-final participants, which will begin on 26 March. The four aggregate winners proceed to the EHF Finals in May.

Here are the most important Facts and Figures ahead of the quarter-finals.

0 pairing of teams from the same country will occur in the quarter-finals.

1 goal was missing for defending champions Nantes in their last group match against Lubin to make it to the quarter-finals, losing 28:27.

1 team, Sola from Norway, made it all the way from the opening qualification round to the quarter-finals.

1 team, Zagreb, did not win a point in their six group matches.

2 teams directly seeded for the group are still in the competition: Viborg and Baia Mare. Mosonmagyarovar and Lada failed to proceed.

2 teams that qualified for the EHF Finals 2021 are still part of the competition: Baia Mare and Herning-Ikast. Both are the only teams from last season’s quarter-finals to be back at this stage.

3 teams have won all six group matches: Sola, Bietigheim and Herning-Ikast. Viborg were unbeaten but tied twice.

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4 of the quarter-final participants won EHF club competitions in previous years: Viborg (Champions League 2006, 2009, 2010, EHF Cup 2014, Cup Winners’ Cup 1994, 1999, 2004), Herning-Ikast (EHF Cup 2004, 2015 and Cup Winners’ Cup 2004, 2011), Besancon (Cup Winners’ Cup 2003) and Valcea (EHF Cup 2007).

3 of the 48 group matches ended in draws, two of them included Viborg in group D.

5 teams which started in the final qualification round are still in the competition: Herning-Ikast, Bietigheim, Besancon, Storhamar and Valcea.

5 nations are represented among the eight quarter-final participants: Denmark, Romania and Norway with two clubs each, while France and Germany have one club each.

9 of the 47 group matches decided on court ended with a gap of ten or more goals.

17 times the fans saw 60 or more goals in those 47 group matches decided on court.

21 goals in the match Viborg vs Vac (42:21) was the biggest win in the group phase.

26 times in the 47 group matches decided on the court, the home were the winners, 18 times, the away teams were victorious.

41 goals in the match Zagreb vs Mosonmagyarovar (19:22) was the lowest score of the group phase.

+54 was the goal difference of Bietigheim after six group matches.

68 goals were scored so far by Sola’s Norwegian superstar Camilla Herrem to top the scorer list.

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71 goals were scored in the match Besancon vs Sola (32:39) to be the highest score of the group phase.

134 goals were conceded by Bietigheim, the fewest in the group phase.

196 goals were scored by Sola, the most in the group phase.

2666 goals were scored in the 47 group matches decided on court, an average of 56.72 goals. In group D, 693 goals were scored, followed by group A (677), and group B (659). In group C the fans saw 637 goals in 11 matches.

Top rankings of the group phase:

12: Sola, Bietigheim, Herning-Ikast
10: Viborg
9: Valcea

196: Sola
193: Herning-Ikast
188: Bietigheim

Conceded goals
134: Bietigheim
149: Viborg
150: Sola

Goal difference
+54: Bietigheim
+46: Sola
+38: Viborg

Top 5 biggest winning margins
+21 goals: Viborg vs Vac 42:21
+19 goals: Bietigheim vs Baia Mare 39:20
+17 goals: Storhamar vs Cisnadie 35:18
+15 goals: Zagreb vs Sola 25:40
+12 goals: Lubin vs Bietigheim 21:33

Highest score per match
71 goals: Besancon vs Sola 32:39
68 goals: Valcea vs Vac 39:29
68 goals: Mosonmagyarovar vs Besancon 38:30
66 goals: Baia Mare vs Lubin 34:32
65 goals: Cisnadie vs Herning-Ikast 31:34
65 goals: Zagreb vs Sola 25:40

Lowest score per match
41 goals: Zagreb vs Mosonmagyarovar 19:22
43 goals: Sola vs Zagreb 25:18
46 goals: Lubin vs Baia Mare 23:23
48 goals: Bietigheim vs Lubin 29:19
48 goals: Baia Mare vs Bietigheim 20:28

10 top scorers still in competition
68 goals: Camilla Herrem (Sola)
54 goals: Kristina Sirum (Sola)
53 goals: Maja Magnussen (Sola)
50 goals: Emilie Hovden (Storhamar)
46 goals: Kristina Jørgensen (Viborg)
40 goals: Iryna Glibko (Valcea)
39 goals: Asma Elghaoui (Valcea)
39 goals: Live Deila (Sola)
37 goals: Anniken Obaidli (Storhamar)
37 goals: Jelena Lavko (Baia Mare)

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