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EHF European League

Berlin win top clash, draw in the bottom duel

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Along with Montpellier in group A and RK Nexe in group C, Füchse Berlin are the third team with a clean record of five victories after five rounds of the EHF European League Men. The German side profited from a strong endgame against Skanderborg-Aarhus and caused the first international defeat for the Danish side. At the other end of the group ranking, Aguas Santas and HC Motor tied in a thrilling and equal bottom line duel - it was the first point of the season for both. Bidasoa Irun won a one-sided game against Eurofarm Pelister.


Füchse Berlin (GER) vs. Skanderborg-Aarhus (DEN) 30:24 (15:13)

Füchse Berlin were shaken for 40 minutes, but a great final stage helped the two time EHF Cup winners avoid their first international defeat of the season. Backed by nine goals from top scorer Morten Balling, European Cup debutants Skanderborg-Aarhus were strong opponents until the score of 19:19. At that point, Berlin restarted their engines, mainly boosted by seven goals from left wing Milos Vujovic, who remains on top of the overall scorer list with 40 strikes now. In the beginning, Balling and Füchse line player Mjhajlo Marsenic had a private duel in terms of goals, but, then Füchse changed their tactics to a faster pace and lowered their mistakes in attack to decide the top match. Faroe talent Hakun West Av Teigum, who will join Berlin next season, scored four times for Skanderborg-Aarhus.

I am not happy with our attack, to concede 30 goals against Füchse is okay, but we did not manage to play our best offensive game.
Nick Rasmussen
Head Coach, Skanderborg

Aguas Santas Milaneza (POR) vs. HC Motor (UKR) 26:26 (14:15)

The entire match was equally played and on edge, with the biggest gap being two goals right at the start for the 2:0 and in the middle of the second half, when the hosts were ahead 21:19. Motor’s last lead was at 19:18, then the hosts scored a 3:0 run - and kept ahead until 26:25. Three minutes before the end, Motor’s top scorer Ihor Turchenko netted for the seventh time to level the result - leaving both sides with a chance to win. Motor’s last goal was scored after the final buzzer - so both sides could celebrate their first point. Miguel Antonio Aires was Aguas Santas’ top scorer with nine goals.

A very disputed game with a lot of our soul! We fought until the end but unfortunately we were unable to achieve the much desired victory.
José Barbosa
Right Back, Àguas Santas

Bidasoa Irun (ESP) vs. HC Eurofarm Pelister (MKD) 32:20 (20:12)

The 20:12 halftime lead was the result of a clearly better attacking efficiency for the hosts, who scored goals on 77 per cent of their attacks, while Eurofarm Pelister were only on 55 per cent. Throughout the match, Bidasoa Irun were successful and dangerous from all positions. Five players scored four or more goals - topped by Ander Ugarte (six) in the one-sided encounter. As the visitors managed to net only five times in the first 22 minutes of the second half, Irun easily pulled ahead, with the gap staying in double digits from minute 43 on. Irun have six points on their account, the Macedonian side remain on four.

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