Meet the stars of the YAC summer 2022

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The summer of 2022 has been packed with Younger Age Category (YAC) tournaments. Women and men, indoor and on the beach – the summer schedule in July and August included something for everyone.

This summer has given handball fans a fascinating insight into the future of the game with a no less than 10 YAC events across Europe.

Here is the recap: which teams went home with the coveted trophies and medals? And which players were named in the respective All-star Teams?

This is the chance for fans to get familiar with the names below, as they might set the European handball scene alight in years to come.

Men’s 20 EHF EURO 2022 – Portugal


Gold – Spain
Silver – Portugal
Bronze – Serbia

All-star Team:

Goalkeeper – Alexander Linden (Sweden)
Left wing – Kelvin Roberts (Sweden)
Left back – Martim Mota da Costa (Portugal)
Centre back – Thomas Arnoldsen (Denmark)
Line player – Javier Rodriguez (Spain)
Right back – Francisco Mota da Costa (Portugal)
Right wing – Antonio Martínez (Spain)

MVP – Stefan Dodic (Serbia)
Best defender – Marko Tasic (Serbia)
Top scorer – Francisco Mota da Costa (Portugal, 58 goals)


Men’s 20 EHF Championship 1 2022 – Bulgaria


Gold – Czech Republic
Silver – Austria
Bronze – Netherlands

All-star Team:

Goalkeeper – Evan de Lange (Netherlands)
Left wing – Benedikt Rudischer (Austria)
Left back – Lukas Morkovsky (Czech Republic)
Centre back – Thomas Houtepen (Netherlands)
Line player – Simeonov Bozhidar (Bulgaria)
Right back – Jakub Rumian (Czech Republic)
Right wing – Franko Lastro (Austria)

MVP – Nikoloz Kalandadze (Georgia)
Best defender – Matej Havran (Czech Republic)
Top scorer – Nikoloz Kalandadze (Georgia), 76 goals


Men’s 20 EHF Championship 2 2022 – Bulgaria


Gold – Israel
Silver – Romania
Bronze – Switzerland

All-star Team:

Goalkeeper ­– Tal Peled (Israel)
Left wing – Noam Leopold (Switzerland)
Left back – Lionel Mirdita (Switzerland)
Centre back – Konstantinos Kotsionis (Greece)
Line player – Calin Dedu (Romania)
Right back – Ionut Adrian Stanescu (Romania)
Right wing – Nadav Cohen (Israel)

MVP – Jann Bamert (Switzerland)
Best defender – Eleftherios Pagiatis (Greece)
Top scorer – Or Refael Levi (Israel, 43 goals)

Men’s 18 EHF EURO 2022 – Montenegro


Gold – Spain
Silver – Sweden
Bronze – Germany

All-star Team:

Goalkeeper – Diogo Rema Marques (Portugal)
Left wing – David More (Germany)
Left back – Kirstof Csörgo (Hungary)
Centre back – Axel Månsson (Sweden)
Line player – Lars Eirik Larsen (Norway)
Right back – Djordje Cikusa Jelicic (Spain)
Right wing – Unciti Gonzalez (Spain)

MVP – Óli Mittun (Faroe Islands)
Best defender – Pelle Segertoft (Sweden)
Top scorer – Óli Mittun (Faroe Islands, 80 goals)


Men’s 18 EHF Championship 1 2022 – Israel


Gold – Czech Republic
Silver – Israel
Bronze – Greece

All-star Team:

Goalkeeper – Tal Peled (Israel)
Left wing – Ben-Or Gonen (Israel)
Left back – Jonas Josef (Czech Republic)
Centre back – Tomas Draksas (Lithuania)
Line player – Konstantinos Koutoulogenis (Greece)
Right back – Daniel Erebai (Czech Republic)
Right wing – Asaf Sharon (Israel)

MVP – Dimitrios Panagiotou (Greece)
Best defender – Daniel Bláha (Czech Republic)
Top scorer – Tomas Draksas (Lithuania, 48 goals)


Men’s 18 EHF Championship 2 2022 – Latvia


Gold – North Macedonia
Silver – Switzerland
Bronze – Luxembourg

All-star Team:

Goalkeeper – David Brestovac (North Macedonia)
Left wing – Mihael Totikj (North Macedonia)
Left back – Valentin Wolfisberg (Switzerland)
Centre back – Vincent Kreiselmaier (Luxembourg)
Line player – Jevgenijs Rogonovs (Latvia)
Right back – Eyüp Arda Yildiz (Türkiye)
Right wing – Aleksandar Petkovski (North Macedonia)

MVP – Tomislav Dimkovski (North Macedonia)
Best defender – Mischa Romer (Switzerland)
Top scorer – Luke Kaysen (44 goals, Luxembourg)


Men’s 18 EHF Championship 3 2022 – Romania


Gold – Austria
Silver – Ukraine
Bronze – Romania

All-star Team:

Goalkeeper – Leon Bergmann (Austria)
Left wing – Marian Catalin Zaritchi (Romania)
Left back – Mykola Protsiuk (Ukraine)
Centre back – Hendrik Koks (Estonia)
Line player – William Malkamaki (Finland)
Right back – Nicolas Paulnsteiner (Austria)
Right wing – Frederik Von Troil (Finland)

MVP – Daniel Stanciuc (Romania)
Best defender – Vladyslav Shcherbina (Ukraine)
Top scorer – Frederik Von Troil (Finland, 49 goals)


Women’s 16 European Open 2022 – Sweden


Gold – Spain
Silver – Romania
Bronze – France

All-star Team:

Goalkeeper – Ioana Nita (Romania)
Left wing – Alexia Maria Nita (Romania)
Left back – Hanna Lundvall (Sweden)
Centre back – Marta Regordan Silva (Spain)
Line player – Kelly Nnonzie Fonkeng Mfotiog (Spain)
Right back – Maud Horvers (Netherlands)
Right wing – Dawiya Abdou (France)

MVP – Claire Koestner (France)
Best defender – Maia Matre Hagenes (Norway)
Top scorer – Tea Pogolerc (Slovenia, 57 goals)

Men’s 16 Beach Handball EURO – Czech Republic


Gold – Hungary
Silver – Spain
Bronze – Germany

All-star Team:

Fair Play Team – Portugal & France
Best goalkeeper – Romeo Alberto Perinan (Spain)
Best defender – Hugo Zanibellato (France)
Top scorer – Gabriel Da Costa Sequiera (Portugal, 108 points)
MVP – Bulcsu Hovan (Hungary)


Women’s 16 Beach Handball EURO – Czech Republic


Gold – Hungary
Silver – Spain
Bronze – Netherlands

All-star Team:

Fair Play Team – Czech Republic
Best goalkeeper – Vivien Kasper (Hungary)
Best defender – Britt Voorwald (Netherlands)
Top scorer – Celia Garcia Sanchez (Spain, 118 points)
MVP – Yelyzaveta Dikhtiar (Ukraine)

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