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EHF European League

Mosonmagyarovari make dream start

EHF / Danijela Vekić

Newcomers Motherson Mosonmagyarovari KC started their first European journey as they wished against ES Besancon Feminin in group A of the EHF European League Women 2021/22.

In front of their fans in neighbouring Győr, the Hungarian team performed better in offence and were supported by a strong defence as they claimed a 38:30 win. Besancon will have to seek their first European points this season in the next round when they host Sola HK.


Motherson Mosonmagyarovari KC (HUN) vs ES Besancon Feminin (FRA) 38:30 (20:13)

  • the Hungarian team performed better in offence and backed up with strong defence
  • both teams performed well in the first 15 minute, the home team took control after a number of saves by Zsófi Szemerey
  • Besancon had trouble in offence and made technical faults. Their leading players were captain Pauline Robert, and Audrey Dembele. Both scored five goals
  • A 5:0 run by Mosonmagyarovari in the first half were decisive for the end result. Besancon tried to keep up, but could only close the gap to four goals
  • Gabriella Tóth and Noémi Pásztor scored 13 goals together; in total 10 out of 13 players scored tonight

Perfect connection

Motherson Mosonmagyarovari had great support in the stands even though they were not playing in their home arena but gave their fans lots to cheer. They showed team and fighting spirit from the start and even the youngest players got their chance on the court.

However, three players stood out. Centreback Gabriella Tóth and line player Noémi Pásztor enjoyed a great connection. The pair were at their best and showed why are they among their leading players.

Twenty-five-year-old Tóth scored six times while Pásztor had a perfect night with seven goals without a miss.

Goalkeeper Zsófi Szemerey made 11 saves, with 30 per cent save efficiency, most of them at key points of the match.

Besancon are pretty tough opponents, as they play handball fast and dangerously. Our goal was to keep our pace up and maintain focused gameplay for 60 minutes. So appciation goes to the team for achieving the goals we set for the match, such as powerful defence and attack, and a great goalkeeping performance.
János Gyurka
Motherson-Mosonmagyaróvár coach

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