20220405 ELM Pelister Nexe 12
EHF European League

Nexe coming home with quarter-final spot

ER 2842 (1) EHF / Danijela Vekić

The Balkan derby has the same winner after both matches have been played. Eurofarm Pelister had a good start to the match with a strong defence and an efficient attack. However, Zeljko Babic’s team wasn’t able to keep the rhythm and Nexe took over. From the 20th minute until the end Nexe were holding firmly onto their quarter-final spot, even though Pelister equalised in the last five minutes of the match.

LAST 16, LEG 2

RK Eurofarm Pelister (MKD) vs RK Nexe (CRO) 21:22 (11:11)

First leg: 26:29. Nexe won 51:47 on aggregate

  • with loud support from the stands, Pelister took the lead early, maintaining a two- or three-goal margin
  • Nexe had a slow start, their first goal came after four minutes , and in 12 minutes they had scored only three
  • with good defence and Mihailo Radovanovic’s saves Nexe stepped up in the last ten minutes of the half, getting their first lead in the match (11:10)
  • Nexe had a good second-half opener with a three-goal run for a 14:11 lead, and even though Pelister managed to close the gap, they said goodbye without a positive result
  • Nexe will face GOG in quarter-finals, after their 33:31 win over Bidasoa Irun

Goalkeeper making the difference

Nexe celebrated a quarter-final spot in the centre of Bitola thanks to good defensive performance. The king of that defence was goalkeeper Mihailo Radovanovic whose crucial saves helped Nexe to get back in the game after trailing in the first half. Radovanovic maintained a high save efficiency throughout. Having a 42 per cent save efficiency at half-time, he finished the night with 13 saves out of 30 attempts for an astonishing 43 per cent rate.

Our start was difficult, but later with great defence and goalkeeper saves we played our game. Its incredible to win here in Bitola.
Branko Tamse
Head Coach, RK Nexe
We played a difficult match, it's difficult to play five games in nine days. We failed to recover and play successfully. Nexe was stronger when needed and here we missed our chance.
Bozidar Mojsov
Assistant Coach, HC Eurofarm Pelister

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