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EHF European League

Nexe extend winning start against Sävehof

Danijela Vekić

After a last-second win in round 1 of the EHF European League Men group phase against PAUC Handball, RK Nexe continued their European dream with a big win in group C against Swedish side IK Sävehof, 39:31.

The Swedish side did their best to keep up with the Croatian runners-up, especially in first half, and generally they only trailed by two or three goals. Nexe came out stronger in the second half as goalkeeper Moreno Car proved a nightmare for the opponents' attack.

RK Nexe (CRO) vs IK Sävehof (SWE) 39:31 (18:15)

  • as six saves from Sävehof goalkeeper Simon Möller gave him a 50 per cent efficiency, the Swedish side enjoyed a good opening and were level at 6:6 after 12 minutes
  • with left back Halil Jaganjac scoring four goals in the first half, Nexe had a strong first 30 minutes. Jaganjac finished the match with nine goals
  • taking advantage of Sävehof’s turnovers, the home team took a five goal lead (13:8) midway through first half
  • Sävehof's decision to use an extra attacking player as they tried to keep up backfired, allowing Nexe to build a nine-goal difference (33:24) in the 49th minute
  • even though Jaganjac and Marin Jelinic scored a combined total of 16, goalkeeper Moreno Car was the player of the match

Goalkeepers produce stellar performances for both teams

While every player gave their best on the court to continue Nexe’s dream start in group C of the EHF European League, one man stood out: Moreno Car. 

Car did not have a strong start to the match, but he woke up in last 30 minutes and was the player of the match for home team. Not only did Car make 11 saves – including eight in the second half – but he scored two goals. With his passion and determination, he helped his team to secure a win.

Sävehof can also applaud their goalkeeping duo of Simon Möller and Bertram Obling. Möller was an unbreakable barrier for Nexe at the beginning of the match, while Obling gave his best in the second half and ended with a total of 10 saves.

I believe Nexe had good control of this game. We knew that if we were to have a chance here, which is a very difficult away game, we needed to play perfectly. Today we didn’t do that, and we made too many mistakes in situations where it wasn’t necessary.
Michael Apelgren
IK Sävehof head coach
We are very satisfied with four points from two very difficult games. It may sound weird, but I think we played a little better in France. Sävehof showed a lot tonight, but we knew the answer and in the end we deservedly celebrated.
Branko Tamse
RK Nexe coach

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