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Court of Appeal confirms suspension of Russia

OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Russian Handball Federation and its protagonists remain suspended following a decision by the EHF Court of Appeal
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The Russian Handball Federation has filed an appeal against the decision of the EHF Court Handball released on 30 June 2022, whereby the protest filed by the federation was rejected, thus confirming that the decision of the Executive Committee and consequently suspending the Russian Handball Federation and its protagonists from all EHF activities until further notice.

The EHF Court of Appeal on Friday, 25 November decided to reject the Russian federation’s appeal. The first instance decision is upheld.

In this regard, the Court finds that the circumstances have not changed significantly since the appealed decision was issued and on the contrary conditions are worsening and the international measures taken against Russia remain in force and effective to date.

Consequently, the EHF Court of Appeal considers the sanction proportionate and adequate from the perspective of the overall image or sport.

A recourse to the European Handball Court of Arbitration may be filed within 21 days.

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