One more Romanian side reaches European League quarter-finals

EHF / Sergey Nikolaev

After Thüringer HC and CS Gloria 2018 BN booked their EHF European League Women quarter-final tickets last week, H.C. Dunarea Braila followed their example to become the second Romanian team after Gloria to secure progression, with a 33:23 victory against Thüringer HC.

20240210 Braila Thuringer Leslie Quote
I’m extremely happy, we did a really good job and we won the game as we deserve. I’m really proud of the girls, they did a really good job and I think they kept a good mentality today, we kept fighting and took everything step by step and in the end everything came out in a good way.
Jan Leslie
Head coach, H.C. Dunarea Braila
20240210 Braila Thuringer Kundig Quote
It was a really tough game, because we knew in Romania, playing away, it is always a tough game and we haven’t been ready for this fight. I think you saw that we got nervous when there were like five or four in front, so I think we need to work mentally on that.
Kerstin Kündig
Centre back, Thüringer HC
20240210 Lokomotiva Chambray Krkac Quote
We were looking really good until we started rotating the team. We're dealing with some fatigue at the moment, and unfortunately for us that was visible out there today. One more game to go until the end of the group stage in which we'll surely aim to deliver another good performance, and see what that gets us in the end.
Vedran Krkac
Head coach, HC Lokomotiva Zagreb
20240210 Lokomotiva Chambray Lanfranchi Quote
We needed way to long to get into the game and catch the right tempo. I feel like our defence is what decided the game today, allowing us to play well in the offensive transition and start widening the gap in the middle of the second.
Mathieu Lanfranchi
Head coach, Chambray Touraine Handball
20240210 Bensheimauerbach Nantes Ahlgrimm Quote
It's unbelievable what we've achieved. We've made great progress and played a strong game today.
Heike Ahlgrimm
Head coach, HSG Bensheim/Auerbach
20240210 Lublin Gloria Lubin Quote
We have chosen the right direction of work. We compete on equal terms with top-class European teams. We're still missing a few pieces. Today, we lacked an effective attack against the 5-1 defence.
Edyta Majdzinska
Head coach, MKS FunFloor Lubin
20240210 Lublin Gloria Gloria Quote
We have played a very good first half. We played very good in defense. We played with energy and found a good solution in the attack. With a six-goal advantage, it was easier for us to enter the second half.
Constantin Pera
Head coach, CS Gloria 2018 BN
20240210 Magyarovari Sola Gyurka Quote
We played against a very sporty, great team. We knew it wasn't going to be an easy match. We gave Sola too much of a lead in the first half. We made a lot of mistakes, and unfortunately we couldn't be effective from passing shots.
János Gyurka
Head coach, Motherson Magyarovari KC
20240210 Magyarovari Sola Stegavik Quote
We had a bad start, we had to settle down, but we were able to come back and that was a turning point. It was a running match, we played in a fantastic atmosphere. We had a great victory at the home of a very good team.
Steffen Stegavik
Head coach, Sola HK

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