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Paris defensive display destroys Porto early on

EHF / Kevin Domas

Four goals. Four goals in 30 minutes, this is the incredible defensive performance Paris pulled out on Thursday night against Porto, a side that had scored 33 against Barça in the last round.

Thanks to goalkeeper Vincent Gerard, but also to the whole team effort, the French side secured the win after just a half. The second part of the game was a walk in the park for the home team as coach Raul Gonzalez used the opportunity to open up his bench and with it, losing that first half momentum in the second period.


Paris Saint-Germain HB (FRA) vs FC Porto (POR) 33:19 (18:4)

  • 14-goal loss is Porto’s biggest-ever CL defeat, previously at Kielce 29/09/2013 (23:35)
  • Paris were dominant in the opening, their defence killing any suspense in the game
  • Eighth time a team in CL have scored just four goals in a half, last time was Vardar against THW Kiel (12/10/2019)
  • Without conceding a goal for 15 minutes, Paris scored 11 taking an impressive 14-goal advantage into the break
  • Thanks to Victor Iturizza and Ivan Sliskovic, Porto came back within 10, but Paris remained firmly in control
  • The two sides meet again next Thursday in Portugal

What a first half

Paris had clearly done their defensive homework with Vincent Gerard and his nine saves playing a huge part in the accomplishment of the home side conceding just four first half goals.

But it also felt like Porto could try for hours and still not find a solution. 15 minutes without conceding a goal is not something common in the Champions League, but still, the hosts managed to do it on Thursday night.

The atmosphere was crazy with fans from Paris and Porto. We played at a high level and high intensity. It’s only two points. In one week it will be another game in Porto.
Nedim Remili
Player - PSG

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