Four all-or-nothing duels for tickets to Graz

Filip Mishov
EHF / Filip Mishov

The EHF European League Women heads into an exciting last weekend before the EHF Finals Women 2024, as the four tickets to Graz are at stake in the decisive leg of the quarter-finals. With no team apart from H.C. Dunarea Braila earning a decent (six-goal) advantage in the first leg, the returns promise to be exciting matches with the ties till wide open.

20240321 ELW QF2 Preview Quote Gloria
There are still 60 minutes left to play to be at the EHF Finals. The game on Saturday will be as tough as last weekend. Nothing is guaranteed yet and we need to play this game like a final. The greatest thing is that we will play at home with our fans and supporters pushing us from the first minute.
Renata Lais de Arruda
Goalkeeper, CS Gloria 2018 BN
20240321 ELW QF2 Preview Quote Mosonmag
We are preparing for an open game, because nothing has been decided yet. We are preparing in the same way as for the first game. We want to reduce our mistakes and exploit their weaknesses.
Gabriella Tóth
Centre back, Motherson Mosonmagyaróvári KC
20240321 ELW QF2 Preview Quote Storhamar
It will be a very tough game, where four goals do not mean much. We must be offensive and go for victory. When we met Thüringer HC in Germany last Sunday, we were good in our attacking play, where all the players contributed strongly. We have to improve our defence and goalkeeping and bring it up to our highest level. It will be one of the greatest experiences for us as handball players, and we will really work hard for that.
Eli Marie Raasok
Goalkeeper, Storhamar Handball Elite
20240321 ELW QF2 Preview Quote Braila
We expect a very strong return game with Podravka. We want to get our tickets to the EHF Finals, showing a fighting team spirit and great performance. Of course, the game in Croatia was an important victory, but we need to give everything this next game to qualify.
Larissa Araujo
Left wing, H.C. Dunarea Braila

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